Dangerous combination of two not just stylish and beautiful girls but talented and proffesional djanes.

Hard Candies' started in the past as the residents of the "Let's Go Music Radio-Show" on the DJFM@96.8MHz radio station (2013-2014). Right now they are residents of NRJ Ukraine Radio Station with exclusive urban|r'n'b show "BBQ Villa" with more than 30 million listeners.

They have been associated with India's premier electronic music brands "Sunburn", "Supersonic" and "EVC".

Also collaborated many times in past with International Fashion TV.

Hard Candies have been performing and have been critically acclaimed and appreciated at the best events and clubs in many countries like Germany, Spain, Czech Republic UAE, Qatar, India, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Tajikistan, Belarus Europe, Asia and Africa to name a few.

They have won a place in the Top 3 Electro House djs at international music network Showbiza.com.

Genres: TOP 40, EDM, R&B, Hip-Hop, Urban, Tech House, Deep House, Techno (as a subproject ME3).

"Our aim is not to amaze. Our policy is simple. It is the performance and music of high quality for the best people according to the highest standard of modern club culture!"

Hard Candies